Power Trader Radio

Power Trader Radio - P.T.R. - is an informative weekly 2-Hour Internet Broadcast aired live on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. CST. Listeners can hear from Trading Coaches, Investors, Stock Brokers and Options Traders. They can also attend live GoToWebinar presentations, participate in the show, and access the second hour where we present our Market Forecasts, Stock Watch and much more.

Upcoming Shows

Power Trader Radio Subscriptions - Power Trader Radio is a weekly internet radio show airs every Wednesday at 6 p.m. central. This two hour show is divided into four segments which we call "The NEAR" approach (News, Events, Analysis, and Research).

  • News - Current news as it relates to investing. This can be in Equities (Stocks), Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities, Options and Spread Trades, Futures, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Real-estate, and fund raising.
  • Events - We discuss upcoming earning reports, dividend payments, stock splits, sentimental conditions (legal suits, strikes, etc), and any other important event.
  • Analysis - In this section we identify assets we are trading or intend on trading and describe our expectations on when to get into or out of the positions.
  • Research - We review trades we have placed in the past and discuss our adjustments if needed and exits.

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  • Power Trader Radio - Show 115

    Host Mark Ely, Linda Ely, Nick Alyinovich, and John Sanner discuss PTR upcoming reformat and summer break. PTR will return at the end of the summer with a new schedule.

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 114

    Host Mark Ely, Linda Ely and John Sanner discuss volatility trades.

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 113

    Host Mark Ely, Linda Ely, Big John, and Saint Nick discuss Facebook first week of trading. We review the underlying fundamental analysis of Facebook.

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 112

    Host Mark Ely, Linda Ely, Nicholas Alyinovich, and John Sanner (Big John) discuss making money from volatility and how to turn a bearish direction into a profitable trade.

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 111

    Host Mark Ely, Linda Ely, and John Sanner define "Beta" and how to use beta to choice spread trades.

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 110

    Host Mark Ely with Co-Host Linda Ely and John Sanner discuss the ADP report and the upcoming May 4th 2012 unemployment report.

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 109

    Host Mark Ely and Co-Host John Sanner discuss Earnings play. Special thanks to Optionslam.com

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 108

    Host Mark Ely and Co-host Linda Ely, John Sanner, and Nick Alyinovich discuss earnings reports. Stocks researched: ALTR, AMD, SNDK, and NFLX

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 107

    Host Mark Ely, Co-host Linda Ely and John Sanner talk about upcoming earnings.

  • Power Trader Radio - Show 106

    Host Mark Ely and Co-Host Linda Ely, John Sanner, and Bob Bassari discuss Google new star trek glasses as well as review spread trade strategies that make money in today's market.

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