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MMM Plus: Live Trades + ARI

Join Scot Islinger - Master Coach as he walks you through spread trade selection. Using TradeCaddie tools, you can follow along as he finds and places his trades, explaining every step. Scot uses ARI, our stock scoring robot, every Monday night. So sign up, log in, and learn from a master how to use ARI too!

Take a look at what ARI Gives You in this quick video:
How This Works.You will log into a virtual meeting every Monday at 7:00 PM CST with Scot. Here, you and other subscribers can ask questions in the chat and or talk to Scot live. He will log into TradeCaddie and his broker/dealer platform of choice, as well as other tools he show you. Most of the time, Scot likes to complete his trades, and addresses your questions at the end. You of course can also be logged into TradeCaddie and your trading platform as well.

All trades are recorded for playback, and all trades are journaled and monitored. Adjustments to these spread trades are also journaled and communicated to the subscribers.

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Educational only.

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