IconEagle Report

Eagle report retrieves a list of stocks are within 1% of the 52 week high. This report is helpful in choosing a stock that's hot.

IconUp and Up Report

This report retrieves a list of stocks that have had 8 consecutive days of upward moves.

IconHook Report

Hook report retrieves a list of stocks that have had 7 consecutive days of upward moves and the last day (8th day) is down.

IconPayout Report

The 18 highest paying dividend stocks.

IconMovers Report

Over 10 reports that do the heavy lifting research for you. With names like "Rainmaker" and "Divot," we may be accused of having too much fun with this report suite. But these tools can help you make some seriously good trades.

IconSlice Report

Instructor-led interaction with live trades. Watch in real time while an instructor explains, picks, builds, and places a trade. From the "Money Magnet" to "Twitter Trades," choose your instructor and get on the call!

IconBogey Report

Point, click, you're in the trade.The Option Chain Wizard is a unique proprietary product that creates a shopping cart of potential trades from the Option Chain and simplifying the Options Trading experience for the user.

IconGofer Report

Scoring System Made EasyThe Analysis Research Index is a custom designed proprietary application that provides a scoring system which forecasts how most technical traders would trade a stock in the near future.

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