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Answers to Common Questions

QUESTION: Which of your investment tools are best for beginners?

ANSWER: We have two flagship products (as well as many others), deciding which one is most important for beginners is an incredibly tough decision, which is why we recommend both. The first is ARI - the Analysis Research Index, a suite of reporting utilities which assesses the direction of a stock through the use of a proprietary scoring system. ARI's report suite gives you the ability to filter stocks using a variety of parameters and customizations so that you can sort the results by ROI, expiration date, and so on.

Our second flagship product is the OCW - the Option Chain Wizard. The OCW actually gives you everything you need to place 25 different types of trades on any given stock. It calculates risk, reward, and other factors for each trade. It even tells you which ones are "bad" so that you know not to place a trade favoring a bullish trend when the stock itself is trending bearish. The OCW also allows you to modify the settings to align with your risk tolerance and other factors. Together, these tools represent a most impressive arsenal. So when it comes to the two questions most traders ask about - what direction a security is going to trade, and what strategies they can use - our tools provide the answers.

QUESTION: "What's up with the CADDIE in TradeCaddie?"

ANSWER: A caddie (spelled caddy in the U.S.) is the name of the individual that helps a golfer choose the right tool for the job, so to speak. A caddie knows the lay of the land. He knows what's ahead, how to avoid hazards, and achieve the golfer's goals.

Similarly, TradeCaddie comes alongside our customers with great tools, and the education - not just to use the tools - but also to analyze and execute the best trades.

QUESTION: Who, or what, is ARI?

ANSWER: What, or who, is ARI? The acronym "ARI" stands for the Analysis Research Index. It's not just one, but an entire host of reports that do many things, not the least of which is to give each stock a score based on technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis. It then tells you which direction it predicts the stock to go, and the rationale behind it, so that you can make sound trading decisions. Learn more here - ARI the stock scoring robot is looking forward to showing you around.

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